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Amnesty International (AI) is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights.

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UN Summit: Human rights betrayed by a failure of leadershipvisit
Guatemala: Guatemala: Suspension of evictions and genuine agrarian reform policies are the keys to solving land conflictsvisit
Colombia: The Justice and Peace law will benefit human rights abusersvisit
International Criminal Court: Amnesty International calls for all states to nominate candidates to be International Criminal Court judgesvisit
United Kingdom/Israel-OT: Amnesty International deplores failure to arrest Israeli war crimes suspectvisit
UN: Governments must overcome obstacles and agree to adopt strong human rights provisions in outcome documentvisit
Indonesia: Killing and torture acquittals demonstrate failure of justice systemvisit
China: Harassment and detention of Rebiya Kadeer’s family and associatesvisit
Respect for human rights the only way to securityvisit
Myanmar: Tens of thousands facing forced labour, beatings and theftvisit
Tunisia: Intimidation of the Tunisian League for Human Rights must stopvisit
EU-Algeria association agreement: EU should speak out against whitewash for serious abusesvisit
Chad-Cameroon pipeline: New report accuses oil companies and governments of secretly contracting out of human rightsvisit
Democratic Republic of Congo: Authorities must prosecute the killers of human rights defender Pascal Kabungulu Kibembivisit
USA: Ensure the safety of victims of Hurricane Katrinavisit
India: EU-India summit: EU should press India to abolish the death penaltyvisit
Small number of countries holding UN world summit hostage on human rights, security, povertyvisit
Iraq: First judicial executions in post Saddam Hussain era "a deeply retrograde step"visit
Kyrgyzstan: Uzbekistan in Pursuit of Refugees in Kyrgyzstan: A Follow-up Reportvisit
Russia: Former Guantánamo detainees released by Russian authoritiesvisit
Tunisia: In total disregard for the spirit of the WSIS, restrictions on judges and journalists reinforcedvisit
EU-China summit: EU must continue pressing for real progress on human rights in Chinavisit
Chad-Cameroon pipeline: Oil companies and governments secretly contracting out of human rightsvisit
Colombia: The Paramilitaries in Medellín: Demobilization or Legalization? Facts and Figuresvisit
Egypt: New president should commit to end torturevisit
Peru: Amnesty International calls for guarantees that human rights will be respected during protests in Piura and Cajamarcavisit
Colombia: Medellín exposes fatal flaws in government?s paramilitary demobilization strategyvisit
Syria: Drop all charges against Hasan Zeino, Yassin al-Hamwi and Muhammad 'Ali al-'Abdullahvisit
Belarus: Georgians held as prisoners of conscience as clampdown on opposition continuesvisit
Mexico: More evidence of torture and ill-treatment found in Guadalajaravisit
Greece: Unprecedented prison term for conscientious objectorvisit
United Kingdom: Forcible return to Iraq would be unlawfulvisit
Yemen: Harassment of journalists must stopvisit
UK: New security measures are a serious attack on human rightsvisit
Sudan: The rights of Khartoum’s displaced must be respectedvisit
Bangladesh: Impunity encouraging killings of human rights defendersvisit
Algeria: President calls referendum to obliterate crimes of the pastvisit
Palestinian Authority: Investigate abductions by Palestinian gunmen and bring those responsible to justicevisit
UK: The killing of Jean Charles de Menezesvisit
Chad : Freedom of expression under threatvisit
Timor-Leste: Security Council inaction on justice for Timor-Leste leaves fight against impunity in limbovisit
Zimbabwe: Secret footage reveals desperate plight of homelessvisit
Bangladesh: Alleged government complicity in physical attacks against opposition activistsvisit
Burundi: Gatumba massacre -- an urgent need for justicevisit
Germany: Hamburg court violates international law by admitting evidence potentially obtained through torturevisit
Morocco/Western Sahara: Amnesty International welcomes the release of Moroccan prisoners of warvisit
Bangladesh: Amnesty International condemns large-scale attack on populationvisit
Kenya: The Government must respect the rights of refugees under international lawvisit
Palestinian Authority: Abductions must stop and French media worker Mohammed al-Ouati must be released immediatelyvisit
India: Victims of anti-Sikh riots face further delaysvisit