4 cd audio sur l'anarchisme pour 10$ !!!

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Je suis un peu tard, comme la date limite est le 30 septembre, mais c'est une offre à ne pas laisser passer.

-------ANNOUNCING A VERY SPECIAL RELEASE---------------------

        Anarchism - Freedom on the Air
         A 4-part radio documentary

Everything you ever wanted to know about anarchism!

Order your copy today! (ordering info below) Featuring interviews, speeches and analysis by Howard Zinn, Martha Acklesburg, Ann Hansen, Ashanti Alston, Cindy Milstein, la Federation Anarchiste (France), Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP), Jaggi Singh, the Institute for Social Ecology, and others,


music by Against Me!, Explosions in the Sky, Set Fire to Flames, Anti-Flag, Dead Prez, the Fembots, Ozomalti, Sex Pistols and more!

This radio documentary was produced by volunteers at CKUT community radio, 90.3fm, in Montreal. It was originally broadcast in many cities across Canada, the USA, and Australia. It is part of the award winning series Long Term Memory Radio, heard every Wednesday between 5-6pm on CKUT.

The documentary consists of 4 cds:

cd#1 - Anarchy 101 (covers the basics thoughts and practices of anarchism, as well as some of anarchism's fundamental philosophers)

cd#2 - The History of anarchism (covers the First Internationale, The Haymarket Affair, The Spanish Civil War, The Paris uprisings of 1968, and the anti-WTO Seattle demonstrations)

cd#3 - Anarchism in theory and practice (covers how anarchism relates to gender and sexuality, feminism, collectives, people of colour, and direct action)

cd#4 - Anarchism and social movements (covers anarchist involvement in anti-war, anti-poverty, squatting, deschooling, and ecology movements)

Prices for this 4 cd package are as follows; Canada - $10 USA - $12 Overseas - $17 (All prices are in Canadian dollars and include shipping) THIS IS A NON-PROFIT PROJECT. ALL PROCEEDS HELP FUND THE CKUT NEWS COLLECTIVE AND HELP MAKE CORPORATE-FREE COMMUNITY MEDIA!

To order: 1. Send us a check or money order (only Canadian funds please!) along with your name, address, and phone/email, and indicate how many copies of the documentary you want. Please make checks payable to CKUT Radio McGill, and mail them to:

Community new collective c/o CKUT Radio McGill 3647 University street Montreal, QC H3A 2B3 Canada

2. Send an email to anarchy@ckut.ca to notify us that you have ordered the cd. This makes the process easier for us. The cds will be mailed out within 2 weeks of receiving your check.

For more info, CALL: (514)-398-6788 EMAIL: anarchy@ckut.ca